I'm Nicole, I'm a wife and a mother of five amazing humans whom I adore and admire. I'm so grateful I get to raise them.

My perfect day would start with a mid morning hike with my husband. Indian for lunch, after which we grab the kids and hit the lake for a day full of water skiing until sunset. Finishing at home in our pjs with an in-home movie night and a big bowl of popcorn. But that's just one scenario. Another is we wake up in Thailand and spend a day- that turns into a month-, exploring the country and savoring the food! But I'll stay realistic and focus on the first. There's no way I'm flying that far with 5 kids!

You're turn! Tell me about you! I can't wait to hear all about your hopes and dreams to freeze the best moments on your life. A beautiful day you can revisit over and over. Because that's the magic of pictures.

I'm excited to hear from you!

xo, Nicole

Nicole is amazing!! I can't pick a favorite wedding photo because they're ALL our favorites! Highly recommend booking her.



...from the moment I saw Nicole’s website I knew I’d like her work so when she said she’s available I was thrilled! She was so quick and responsive to my emails and questions that it made the whole process so easy! The day of the pictures was just fantastic, reaffirming my instinct! My 3 year old was so into the whole thing, she worked through his temperament and got him so excited to be present when required. Now I have some beautiful photos that we will all cherish forever.

The Scheine Family

The Hive Wedding Venue | Chubbuck ID

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