A Summer Backyard Wedding

Jordan and Jessica had an absolutely beautiful summer backyard wedding! They were married at Jessica's childhood home, full of beautiful landscapes and vivid memories. Jessica's father passed away just a few years before the couple married and his memory was felt in such a familiar setting. Having been married just a few years after my father passed away also, my heart was feeling for her in a such a familiar way. For Jessica it was deeply personal and sentimental to be married in her childhood backyard. It was just perfect.

Even though it was a COVID wedding...they were able to have their family and friends gather outdoors and stay safe and healthy! I was a little worried about the heat, because even though Idaho summers are mild and honestly so very dreamy, August can get into the high 90's, which is too hot for men to be wearing suits comfortably. But the weather could not have been better! It was warm and breezy, their backyard was FULL of trees, so the shade kept them and their guests nice and comfortable for their perfect wedding celebration!!

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From start to finish it was a perfect day!

Jessica's wedding dress was beautifully designed, and full of detailed lace from top to bottom. The final product was stunning and it fit her like a glove! I loved how flattering it was on her! The only drawback was getting her into it. But with the help of her mother, future MIL, and bridesmaids, they were able to get every last button looped and ready for her to walk down the aisle! I think there were literally 5o buttons. lol. Bless these ladies!!

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Bridal Party!

Their Bridal Party was so fun, I could have had them in front of my camera all night long! They had friends from high school, friends from college, and companion friends from Jordans church mission that were a total blast. Oh my goodness. These are just a few samples of their amazingness! The groomsmen thought of this pose with their hands in each others pockets all on their own. lol! They were hilarious! So much greatness in these people. I just love them.

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The End

At the end of a wedding day, I'm such a proud momma! lol. Ok photographer, a proud photographer. I spend so much time with brides and grooms I just fall in love with each and every one of them! And Jordan and Jessica were no exception. The are an absolutely beautiful couple. Beautiful in their hearts, beautiful in how they love each other and their family. It was an absolute blessing and pleasure to shoot their wedding!!!