Idaho Summer Wedding

You can't beat Idaho summers. You just can't. And a summer wedding in Idaho is the closest thing to heaven you're going to find! I adore the Sand Dunes colors and light, airy backdrops for wedding formals. It's a little more of a casual, fun location where my couples can play and relax. The sand doesn't stick to wedding gowns which is so comforting. I hate to get a brides dress dirty if I can help it! I could have taken pictures of these two all evening. Aren't they gorgeous!?

Her bouquet was beautifully made by Plush Floral in Rexburg! If you are in the market for a wedding florist, go check them out! I love their modern take on florals. This color pallet was absolutely perfect for the Sand Dunes. Thank you and bless you Plush Floral!

If you've never been to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, they're just 10 minutes north of Rexburg. Really not that difficult to get to! It's such a fun, and unique destination to explore with your family or friends. If you have fun off roading vehicles or bikes, the Dunes are a perfect thrill ride! Just remember your flag to keep everyone safe! If you don't, they're still fun to go run around, climb, and even roll or sled down. When I was a kid, we'd play here for hours and hours. In fact, I can still remember celebrating my 8th birthday here with about 20 friends. You can also camp, tent camp or RV camp, with multiple campsites available. And lastly one of my favorite parts of the Dunes is Egin Lake. It's a shallow lake that has warm(ish) water, rare for Idaho, that is perfect for playing in! We've seen moose running through that water on several trips which just makes my whole summer!

Go check the Dunes out! I'd be happy to take your pictures there while your there! Just shoot me a message!