Hayden + Charlotte

Hayden and Charlotte have a unique and beautiful love story! They met for the first time serving as young missionaries for their church. They have such good hearts and had always wanted to serve! They both knew they wanted to sacrifice a good part of their life to mission to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, but they neither one of them could have predicted they would met their future spouse as well! When they returned home, Hayden reach out and they started dating.

an Idaho country boy and a french musician

Hayden was very active and did everything he could outdoors. While Charlotte grew up near Paris, playing the violin and piano and dreamed of coming to BYU-Idaho to study piano. In fact I first met Charlotte through music. She was my daughter's first violin teacher! As they dated Hayden and Charlotte adventured all over the country together. Climbing mountains, camping in the forests, backpacking and adventering as much as they could. Just days after this photo session Hayden guided his bride up the famous and daunting Grand Teton! The Grand! This feat is not for the faint of heart. I've known strong, tough, grown men who turn around not able to master the mountain. But not Charlotte. She was a trooper! She made it to the top with nothing but a few bruises and some sore muscles. They were made for each other! She as was always up for a any challenge Hayden brought her way.

Grand Teton National Park | Wedding | Photographer | Nicole Webb
Grand Teton Wedding | Jackson Hole, Wyoming | Nicole Webb Photography
Jackson Hole Wedding | Bride and Groom | Nicole Webb Photography | 208.715.4322
Grand Teton National Park Wedding | Nicole Webb photography | 208.715.4322
Grand Teton Wedding | Nicole Webb Photography | 208.715.4322
Jackson Hole Wyoming Wedding | Nicole Webb Photography | 208.715.4322